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Unique People!


POP UP Parties create a unique experience with purposeful intention. , Kids want to have fun and parents need options to break up the monotony.   It may be time to plan a POP UP party at home or a venue.  A POP UP Party with friends, can be a time just to have some fun, even it is not on the birthday.  We provide an experience in the comfort of your home, venue indoors or outdoors to transcend your everyday experience.  We create a party that can be customized to any age to culminate an exciting time for family and friends.


With a POP-UP Party, there’s no end to the surprises. Addy & Al’s transforms any indoor/outdoor space.  Based in Atlanta, we’ve planned and designed unique events for celebrations, virtual events, and celebrations throughout the United State.We take pride in curating a special party on purpose for you!


The parties can be for any age group and is a great way to come to together and stay connected to create strong and lasting memories.


Out of the World Parties


Some parents and grandparents enjoy planning parties, but simply do not have the time to shop for all of the necessary décor and party supplies. Addy & provides options for all, to make the celebration or any event come to fruition with ease.


Our experienced team continually seeks out new ideas for décor and planning needs to ensure your event or party speak to the imagination of guests of any age. We can help you choose and create a themed party to compliment your vision. There is something to meet each of your imaginative needs.

Outdoor Celebrations


Fun times can be created and celebrated with outdoor celebrations. Since video games and the internet are popular kids activities, it is important for parents to enjoy creating a different scenery outside. Kids have an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature or create various scenery. Outdoor-oriented themes can be an ideal location for fun and social distancing ideas that create endless opportunities for families.


With children spending so much time indoors these days, incorporating outdoor adventures into a party actually brings countless new and inventive options to the celebration.You can set up tents and mock campfires for the kids, allowing them to create activity stations amongst other activities. Addy & Al’s can create a celebration from simple to extravagant based on the child’s interests.


Event Planning


We also specialize in full event planning services, to include fundraisers and corporate events. We make planning simple, during all consultations our clients share their vision and curate a motif to bring it to reality.


Virtual Parties


Virtual party experiences have gained a great deal of popularity, and we can be just as fun and creative as in person events. Technology provides a link to bring loved ones together for special occasions.  The party must go on, but safely. A virtual party can help ensure everyone is at the celebration and regardless of their location can join in on the fun.


Getting together with loved ones is important and technology allows us to do so virtually.

Everyone Is A STAR at Addy & Al's!


Let your child’s imagination be your guide, and come to Addy & Al’s for help with bringing his or her fantasy to life.


Contact Addy & Al’s via the form on our website or call (404) 602-2475 to request a complimentary party planning consultation.


You’ll find out for yourself why so many families are choosing Addy & Al’s to create their custom-curated children’s birthday celebration.

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