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A time to celebrate your special day!

Kids are excited throughout the year as they build up anticipation and expectations for how they want to celebrate their birthday. Kids often begin fantasizing about next year’s party as soon as this year’s is over. Not only are they excited to be the center of attention, but they are also excited to blow out one more candle than they did the year before, and enjoy their family and friends.

About Us

We all remember the excitement of our own childhood birthdays, and as parents we desire that for our children as well. Party themes have become more extensive and creative over the decades.   It is very important to make each child’s party unique to them to, create an ever-changing experience each year.


This is where Addy & Al’s comes in! We are here to create a party with a purpose. We create custom-curated parties with your vision and child’s imagination in mind.

Whether your little guy’s entire world revolves around cars, dinosaurs or your rising princess loves all things that glitter, we can design any themed celebration that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your child and all the guests who attend.

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Celebrate. Party. Create Memories.

You know your child better than anyone. As a Parent, you’re well aware of his or her favorite things and special interests. Addy & Al’s takes joy in incorporating those elements into a themed party so you can reflect each year on all they love and enjoy.  The memories and photos will be a keepsake forever.  Addy & Al’s also considers this the BIRTHing Day for the parents, a day you birthed a gift of love. 

When you partner with Addy & Al’s to plan your event, we will set up a party consultation to understand your vision and execute the details. We have all the experience and creativity needed to take your child’s birthday to an entirely new level.  Based in Atlanta, we've planned and designed unique events for celebrations, virtual events, and celebrations throughout the United States.  We take pride in curating a special party on purpose for you!

Client Reviews

“Addy and Al's hosts the most amazing events.  Your memories will last forever!  Thanks Addy and Al's”

Allyn J

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